Those Ghostly Ways!

Do we sometimes

spend our days

haunted by the ghosts

of our parent’s ways?

Who themselves

were maybe haunted

in a similar way.


‘around and around’ it goes

to our dismay!

But for those doctors

and psychiatrists

it’s a bonanza payday!

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    1. Yes…so it goes…👻

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  1. judybarbera says:

    So true…very good…does look ghostly!

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    1. Boo…👻…you see!

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  2. Its like a cycle.

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    1. Yes…maybe “The Never Ending Cycle” starring you, me and most of humanity!


      1. As long the Never Ending Cycle is positive, if not we can always put the brakes on and jump off :).

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      2. And create our own cycle

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  3. Nour Lee says:

    That’s so very true. Sure, we must follow because sometimes they know better, but always, we must think before we do since everyone does mistakes. Brilliant!

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  4. Amy Barbera says:

    Dad this is so true!!!! Thank you for sharing from your heart! I love your photo so much but it does look ghost like!!! 🙂

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  5. But at least we have our oven mitts!

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    1. Halbarbera says:

      Yes! Mismitts we surely are!


  6. Sandi Staton says:

    Ain’t that the truth!!😂

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    1. Halbarbera says:



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