Walked out the door

and I did see

a mother duck

and 19 ducklings

as plain

as could be!

But one thing

I am sure of

oh woe is me

is that

in a couple

of days

there may be

just three!

19 Replies to “19 Ducklings I Do See!”

  1. Hi Dad, Great post! This reminds me of the ducks in our neighborhood. There was a family at the beginning of the pandemic. The baby ducks went from 10 to 7, and then 6, and then 5. Now there are 4. 😦

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    1. Right! I saw an eel fish in the pond behind our condo. A mother duck had six ducklings one day then one a couple days later and then none I did see. Eel fish love to gulp down ducklings so swimming in the pond was bad you see.

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