Have Yourself A Merry, Merry Porpoise!

No good (diver) goes anywhere without a porpoise! Or dolphin as they often say!

Lewis Carroll loosely quoted

That small tooth whale with a low triangular dorsal fin and blunt rounded snout. Yes! The common harbor porpoise has an abrupt snout, pointed teeth and a triangular thoracic fin, while the bottlenose dolphin, or Tursiops truncatus, has an elongated beak, round cone shaped teeth and a serrated dorsal appendage. But I’m sure you already knew that. That’s what turns me on about ‘cha, your attention to detail.

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective

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  1. judybarbera says:

    Very interesting and creative!

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  2. Cool painting, colourful and involving.

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    1. Thanks for the encouragment.


      1. You’re welcome 😀

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  3. Fantastic painting..

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  4. Gee, all I could hear reading this was the theme song to the sixties show “Flipper”! lol 🙂

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    1. Halbarbera says:

      They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning,
      No-one you see, is smarter than he,
      And we know Flipper, lives in a world full of wonder,
      Flying there-under, under the sea!

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  5. My porpoise is clear.

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    1. Halbarbera says:

      Having “a clear porpoise” means that you know the reason for something. You know why it’s happening or why it exists. This phrase is often used in business and in academics. And among zoo staff!

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      1. Them zoo staff is smart!

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  6. fipwmum says:

    Your pictures really can brighten our day

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    1. Halbarbera says:

      Thank you indeed!

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