What’s The Now!? Any How?

There is really no past, present or future!

No real yesterday, today or tomorrow!

There is only really “The Now!”

So get off your arse and do it NOW!

Tony ‘The Phony Philosopher’ Spitsarelli

You’re reading these words right now.

We can say that even though we don’t know when you’ll read this. We can’t say you read them yesterday or will read them tomorrow, but we say that right now, you’re reading the word “now.” That’s how special “now” is. And yet, for all the thought that’s been devoted to time, science doesn’t consider “now” as different from the future or the past. Don’t take my word for it — Albert Einstein himself struggled with this conundrum.

In 1963, philosopher Rudolf Carnap recalled a conversation he had with Einstein called “the Now.” Once, Einstein said that the problem of “the Now” worries him seriously. He explained that the experience of “the Now” means something special for man, something essentially different from the past or present, but that this important difference does not occur within physics. That this experience cannot be grasped by science seemed to him a matter of painful but inevitable resignation. He suspected, Carnap continued, “that there is something essential about “the Now” which is just outside the realm of science.”

Or my brain for that matter!

Einstein Worried That Science Can’t Explain The Now: Curiosity.com

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  1. judybarbera says:

    This is either ‘deep’ or ‘deep Kimshi!’

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  2. What now or now what .

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  3. That’s a serious brain teaser. Trippy!

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    1. Halbarbera says:

      Thanks! I do say!

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