Of Slobbering Dogs and Plotting Cats!

Just my objective-subjective experience. Or is it just plain stupidity?

A dog loves us even though they know we are not a dog.

A cat? I’d surely eat you if you were smaller!

Dogs are very hyper social pets.

Cats are surreptitious psychopets!

Dogs will sleep on your bed lovingly anticipating your eventual wake up.

Cats will sit on your chest as you sleep thinking: should I and could I get away with it!

Dogs don’t use mirrors to refer back to themselves like we do. No dog will ever gaze into a mirror and reflect, “So THAT’S what my ears look like.”

Sort of like me when I sometimes shave in the morning.

The first time a cat catches a glimpse of themselves in a mirror, they usually go bonkers! They’ll puff themselves up really big, walk on tippy toes and maybe even try to attack themselves.

Again! Sort of like me after a hard night out!

A dog will run into a glass door and think, “Dah! That was stupid!”

A cat will bounce off the glass; pick itself up, and walk on like, “I meant to do that all along!”

We all know that dog spelled backwards is God!

But did you know that cat spelled backwards is Tac! You know, like Id A’ Tac you if I could get away with it!

But whether it’s a dog or a cat, they are still basically cute and cuddly!

Well, surely not like me, anytime!

Just kittying!

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  1. judybarbera says:

    Very cute, unlike you!

    Just kittying!

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    1. Thanks! I used that in the post!

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  2. Unfortunately I am allergic to cats. Dogs are fine but I am not permitted to have one in my rental place. Pets do bring a lot of joy, fun and laughter into people’s lives. Cats also try to kill their owners during the night, they sit on their owners face and smoother them, maybe its to mask the snoring …. 🙂

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  3. You can get an emotional support dog and no landlord can deny that dog from being in the apartment.

    My daughter did!

    I just did it.

    It’s the law (FHC)!


    1. I know where I live it might be permitted if I was blind or needed an assistance dog for a health reason. I don’t fit the criteria but that’s ok I am quite happy and content.

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      1. Not necessarily the case. My daughter Amy, who has no physical disabilities, and is an inspirational singer, has Oreo. And her landlords said no dogs were allowed too. General immotional health and well-being can be valid reasons also!


  4. I think cats could care less about your snoring.

    They are probably trying to kill you.

    One of my nephew’s wife got a severe scratch on her eye when her cat scratched it as soon as she open her eyes in the morning!

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  5. I liked the very first line.

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    1. Yes! If only many humans thought the same!

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  6. Amy Barbera says:

    Dad I LOVE this so much!!! It is so Cute and Witty! What a cute poem about Dogs & Cats and a really cute picture too!! 🙂

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    1. Let the truth be told about cats and dogs.


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