Maybe, Just Maybe!? For Sure!

Coronavirus has played havoc on our lives concerning paper products and more! When I went to the stores I could not find any paper products for days. (Quoth the Raven, for evermore!)

But my daughter said, “Well! TC went to that Spanish Market and got toilet paper and more!” So after 5pm, I went to that store. It was packed, and everyone had paper products and more. And by God, the first aisle I entered, there was a package of toilet paper on the floor! So I picked up the package and got in line to pay and also some stuff I saw while in line on an impulse after having easily found what I needed laying on the floor.

So! Mission accomplished, I happily payed and skipped out of the store!

But on the way home, I decided to see how it was in the big chain store. Empty selves and loads of employees standing around safe and sound but I sensed somewhat insecure.

So I talked to a couple of the super-super employees asking, “Every day I stop in this and other stores and there are empty selves! But I go to a smaller store and they have everything I need and more! Why!?

Is there something I’m missing for sure!?

Well! We’re a big store and have a lot more customers in this big store!

No! That little store has 20+ more customers just in the checkout lines than I see in this big store! And everyone has a package to wipe their arses plus a lot more!

Well! The truck stopped by last night and left some paper but then went on cause there were more stores to visit for sure!

Could it be then that I am shopping at the wrong store?

For Shirley, surely sure!?

By Halbarbera

👉🏻👉🏽👉🏿 The Flippant Side of the Far Side!? ...... Only Tony Spitsarelli's Shadow Really Knows for Sure!


  1. “Could it be then that I am shopping at the wrong store?”

    —I have found exactly the same, here! Never had a problem with toilet paper, by going to a specific supermarket (which also happens to be my usual supermarket).

    We are living in strange times…! Hilarious post lol 😆.

    “And everyone has a package to wipe their arses plus a lot more!”


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    1. Went to Publix, a major chain store, today and no toilet paper could be found. Went to the small Spanish store again today after 6pm and there was toilet paper all around and easily found!

      Go figure!

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      1. 😆😆😆.

        The panic-buyers are clearly not very smart (as we all knew!)

        So…just got to outsmart them! 😉

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      1. I never once spelled color “colour”, especially for the colour grey! Wait! I do spell gray “grey” most times!

        However, I do use some British and Australian slang! Along with just plain “urbanist” words. LOL

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      2. The persistent strong winds atop Mt. Washington keep temperatures from reaching 50 below zero or colder in the winter, but the wind chill certainly makes up for it. Speaking of strong winds, Mt. Washington observed a wind gust as high as 231 mph in April 1934.

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  2. for sure, you were originally shopping in the wrong store, the supermarkets don’t care about their customers, they care about clearing their stock. The little store cares enough to make sure there is something for everyone who comes through the door. I couldn’t find wipes in any of our big stores, I called in at my local petrol station/shop and they found me two packs that they had left in the stock room. They are now putting two away each week for me to make sure I have the supplies I need. Local shops will come out the victors on the other side of this pandemic for sure. I for one will frequent my local shop more regularly from now on. (when I’m allowed out that is.) Stay safe and well both of you xxx

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