Give Me Liberty or Give Me Toilet Paper!

What has happened to all the toilet paper?

Where has all the toilet paper gone?

There’s rioting in the stores, malls, and any place where toilet paper is sold! You can see the desperation in their eyes.

Oh, the horror!


Give me liberty but also give me all that toilet paper you have! Or else!

What does toilet paper, or paper products in general, really have to do with things like hurricanes and medical disasters in general.

The world is coming to an end. So, what I need the most is something to clean my end!

If toilet paper is that necessary then why not just buy as much as possible and store it away so you won’t be wiped out!

Lucy, Lucy’s Works:

This is funny, but true.

Can’t believe people are also on the streets selling rolls of toilet paper for cash. It’s crazy.

Yes! There’s now a black market for white toilet paper!

By Halbarbera

👉🏻👉🏽👉🏿 The Flippant Side of the Far Side!? ...... Only Tony Spitsarelli's Shadow Really Knows for Sure!


  1. Dad this is so true! We need to pray so much:) This is a really terrible time with this Corona Virus and everything especially tiolet paper is running out on the shelves! We need to take it seriously and pray so much!

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  2. Eventually all that toilet paper will end up in only one place, the crapper!
    Why hoard it is beyond me. I am sure that there is not that much feces in a person over a period of two weeks.
    For me it is just a crappy situation….lol 🙂

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      1. Thank GOD, we were able to buy sufficient number. It is hard to go back to the supermarket with the lockdown imposed in the capital, social distancing, and the fear due to rising number of infected. Scary actually.

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    1. Even now, I can’t find useful paper products at the big chain stores. Only the smaller stores. But as a kid in the 40s there were other ways as long as it wasn’t poison ivy which did wipe out my brothers for a while and to my delight!

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  3. Don’t you just hate when you are in the restroom and there is NO toilet paper and you live by yourself and you need to get up and wipe your tush with some thing else other than toilet paper.Before I had a Husband and my kids that would happen 24/7.I am 32 years young and married to my Husband Colton Smith.With my kids,Kaylie,Bonnie,Danny,Jeremy,and Brennan.It is a Handful!I had way to many children.

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    1. Good facts…but the phrase, “Just the facts, ma’am,” became misattributed to his character following a radio satire of Dragnet in 1953 by Stan Freberg. Sgt. Friday never actually said “Just the facts, ma’am”, but it stuck.


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