Give Me Liberty or Give Me Toilet Paper!

What has happened to all the toilet paper?

Where has all the toilet paper gone?

There’s rioting in the stores, malls, and any place where toilet paper is sold! You can see the desperation in their eyes.

Oh, the horror!


Give me liberty but also give me all that toilet paper you have! Or else!

What does toilet paper, or paper products in general, really have to do with things like hurricanes and medical disasters in general.

The world is coming to an end. So, what I need the most is something to clean my end!

If toilet paper is that necessary then why not just buy as much as possible and store it away so you won’t be wiped out!

Lucy, Lucy’s Works:

This is funny, but true.

Can’t believe people are also on the streets selling rolls of toilet paper for cash. It’s crazy.

Yes! There’s now a black market for white toilet paper!


  1. Dad this is so true! We need to pray so much:) This is a really terrible time with this Corona Virus and everything especially tiolet paper is running out on the shelves! We need to take it seriously and pray so much!

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