Hey!!! The End is Definitely Near!


The final battle between the good and evil blogs before the Day of Literary Judgment!

It will be a catastrophic conflict, seen as likely to destroy the WordPress world and the blogging race!

“Pray tell, why the Armadillo?” You ask!

Well! Why not!?



      1. Thanked you in your blog post for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. But the system crashed before I could complete my post reply. And every time I try to continue it crashes again.

        Can that be a ‘not so subtle’ hint from the Great Almighty? I have been a little hard on him/her/whatever in recent posts.

        Maybe he lacks a sense of humor. But he must. He created humans didn’t he!?

        Thanks for your confidence in me and my blog.


      2. “Maybe he lacks a sense of humor. But he must. He created humans didn’t he!?”
        Oh no XD
        Haha I saw it. It just was transferred to my bin, but I’ve just approved it. And you deserve it all, truly!

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  1. After this battle, many bloggers will be gone, great and amateurs alike. If I’m lucky to be alive and continue, maybe I’ll finally have a chance to be one of the greats.

    Yes, my mind’s usually filled with dark ideas. I mean, why wait until others are gone before I try my luck?😂

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