Yes! A story that needs to be told……

Gemstrong63, Journey of Self Discovery

Learning to Live With Epilepsy

I haven’t talked about the boy for a while. I thought it was time to tell the final part of his story which will bring us up to present day. I left you where he had just been diagnosed with epilepsy. Grand mal and Petit mal storming full force and wreaking havoc with his life. All the plans he had made for his future came to a grinding halt and his life turned upside down and inside out.

At 19 he was in full time college studying IT and Web design, he was also about to start driving lessons and he was trying out for the GB team and had just started training with them once a week. It all stopped. 

He couldn’t concentrate in college and missed so much lecture time that he failed the course, he couldn’t retake it because he would have had to start right from the beginning again because the college system had changed. He would have to sign up for a course he had already completed which now incorporated his course in it’s second year and he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. He said, ‘What’s the point? I will only be ill again and it will all disappear again. I will fail another course and get no further on.’

I can’t say that I blame him……

Continued ……

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