Ancient Shadow-Walkers With Muddy Footprints!

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Ancient Mysteries of the past, present and future … The Now!

Bowie Wowie …

Brownish cowrie ……

I’m throwin’ in the towelee …

Me done had …

Enough already …

Me so unsteady … already …

For Simon Cowell’s sake …

For the ‘Here & Now‘s’ sake …

FOR the Almighty Cow’s Sake

For scampering mices & mouses sake!

For the past … best forgotten …

For the present … I ain’t gotten’

For the future … I’m so wantin’

For ……

The Now!


Do you know how really stupid some of your posts be!!!

And that Gorilla is kinda gross!


But even stupider may be readin’ and/or liken’ ‘im!

And the gorilla? Just doin’ what Simian’s do!

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