A Hip-Hop Med Rap to Start the Day!

Rip him!

Rip him good!

If you want quality care

If you want

To be understood

Don’t go to a doc

With just 8 years

Of med school

No Shit!

I do Rip-Rap

This day!

Pencil in some

Terms of Agreement

With Doctor Cool J

Who ‘earn’ his

Med creds

In life’s hood!


Quoth Gemstrong63 and HCmorris77 via Life’s Hood Route 66!


SAY WHAT!!!???

14 Replies to “Rip Him! Rip Him Good!”

    1. One final real-life blog from me, ‘Real Life surviving the medical professionals.’ and then I’m disappearing for a while from life stuff and going back to my diary, I can deal with that sort of pain. I have nowhere to put the real-life pain. Check it out when you have a minute or two 😀 ♥

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