Politics As Usual!?

What do you get

When an extremely

Ultra-liberal women

With ten (count ’em) pinkies

Marries an extremely

Ultra-conservation man

Who likes to pass stinky’s!?

U.S. Politics As Usual!

15 thoughts on “Politics As Usual!?

  1. Very,very funny …… MFGA!!!

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  2. LOL, lots of arguments I would think, both about politics and about the stench!

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    1. They needed a truck load of diapers for they’re baby’s each week!

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  3. A very interesting marriage, for sure!😁 My husband and I are both registered Independent, but I lean left and he leans right. While we’ve had some pretty passionate debates, after 31 years, we’re still happily married.😊

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    1. Yes! Better to ‘lean’ than be a ravenous ‘worldview and politics’ fien … fean … fein … fiend … No, damnit …… FIENE!

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  4. Hey, farts were always great man! How dare you….lol! Funny post

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  5. An Old Political Fart??!!!

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    1. Are you talkin’ bout yourself???!!!

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  6. Lol — Maybe . . . but . . . ????

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  7. you talking about me???

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    1. Just talkin’ about the state of politics in general … where objectivity rarely enters the picture. If you share my ‘worldview and politics’ you are right and if you don’t you are definitely wrong!

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