Please Johnny Doc! First Do Some Good!

A long, detailed conversation spawned from my “First Do No Harm? You Say?” Post!

Kudos to a UK gem, Gemstrong63! As well as others, you see!

On the state of our Unhealthy so-called Health Care Systems!

Treat the Symptoms. The Hell With the Cause!


The truth! Nothing but the truth! Cute Judy Lee

Gemstrong63:: No different over here in the UK. My usual cry is find the cause stop treating the symptom. It took 5 years before someone actually listened to me. That person listened and then saved my 29 year old disabled son’s kidneys and his life!

Too quick to give a tablet to one already sick, it makes doctors blind to new illness and they blame the old one readily and move on to the next patient and the next prescription.

Your sentiment of first do some good should be taught in every medical school worldwide! Loved the poem. Rang a few bells in this tired head. Well said Sir, well said.

That is the truest and nicest comment I have received! I had been diagnosed with insufficient kidneys on blood tests. Luckily I went to an unusual kidney specialist and the first thing he said to me was, “I see you’re taking a statin drug for cholesterol and a fenofibrate to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It is my experience that this can cause kidney problems. Stop taking the fenofibrate, get a blood test and come back in two weeks. I did and he said everything looks great. No follow up appointment is needed. Bye!

Now he lost a patient which is setting a bad example for the American Health Care System! Finding the cause? Are you some kind of subversive? Maybe you should do a post based on your reply to my post!

Gemstrong63: Ah, but that I had the time or enough emotional distance and fortitude to tackle that immensely painful and heartbreaking story. But yes, you have seen through the thin veil of my conformity, subversion is my truest nature and I have already beaten the system but could not quite whip it enough to change it.

We have money people at the top of the tree and they decide our NHS fate. While that remains true and is now true for a minimum of 4 years, nothing can change, they have the majority. Power by numbers rules in this beleagured nation not by voice and common sense.

I shall instead remain vigilant and catch my boy when he falls, and scream and shout at them so they have no choice but to search for the cause of any malady that may strike him.

I’ve been doing this 29 years, they all hate me but that brings with it a certain amount of fear for what this maverick mother may do next and they bow to the inevitable and they do search for the cause now, and more often than not, it saves them time and money in the long run. Expensive business treating

A brilliant call from the UK ‘mad as
hell’ far side!

My favorite Voltaire quote very loosely interpreted sums it all up very well:

Doctor’s 🤮 know little
about the meds they prescribe 🤡

Even less about the patients 😩
They prescribe them to

And next to nothing
About the illnesses and diseases🤒
They prescribe them for! 🤑

Quoth the Ravenous Blogger
Nevermore!If it’s alright with you, I would like to post our conversation about the sorry state of unhealthy healthcare. No names without your permission!

Gemstrong63: of course you can, I’m pleased as punch you would want to! Use names with impunity my friend. 🙂


But I hear screaming and pounding at my front door! And they’re all wearing white! And there’s an ambulance with a flashing light!

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  1. judybarbera says:

    I do like this a lot!

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  2. gemstrong63 says:

    From a couple of comments on a well written and delivered poem that hit the mark and then hit it again and again, and now a full blog that reads like a lasting impression of a world gone mad about money and not about care, let the sick fail and the rich rise to pay for their health and the ones in between? Learn how to care for yourself before you fall ill and need a service that’s no longer there. What have we come to? A world that is too busy making money to remain healthy in mind or body. Such a shame.
    Thank you for the compliment of turning my comments along with your own, into a blog. 😀

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    1. Halbarbera says:

      You’re welcome…continue the fight in some of your blog posts!

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  3. Moises Ramos says:

    Bang! Bang! 🤙

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  4. gemstrong63 says:

    Reblogged this on Journey of Self Discovery – Gemma and commented:
    continuing the thought process

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