Ghost Reflections Off the Mirrors of Our Mind!

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What you see …

What you experience …

What you feel, touch, taste, sense, hear …

in so-called reality …

is just our mind’s

best guess

of what really exists.

We see holograms …

We see hallucinations …

We see our conscious

interpretations of what

may or

may not

really exist!

What I see

may be experienced


projected differently

in my mind

than in your mind.


slightly different colors …

shades …

shapes …

images …

A different World!

We see not from the ‘outside-in!’


We see from the ‘inside-out!’


Without these holograms …

Without our controlled hallucinations …

Without our consciousness …

there is no Real World!


And as

I’ve posted before…


we just see

Ghost Reflections


the Mirrors


Our Mind!


28 Replies to “Ghost Reflections Off the Mirrors of Our Mind!”

  1. LOVE this one!! I definitely see from “inside, out”…and I’m convinced that without any help from “substances” I’ve hallucinated most of my relationships… 🙂

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