The Scent of a Lion!

Troubling thoughts

Stir my mind

Of life’s ruin

Decay and despair!

Yet, Somewhere a fox

Wistfully naps tonight!

While I hear only

‘Low mow’ murmurs …

whispers ……

Sensing AGT ghostly sights!

Like “Simon the Cow…ell” Lake Eerie hot-cold spooky stares!

Yes! There are indeed

Troubles stirring

This morning’s air!

And, Yes! … Yes!

I do “Wish Upon A Star”

With all my might!

And Yes! … Yes! … Yes!

I do indeed

“So Do Wah”

“Do Wah Diddy”

“Do Care” this night!

But! … But!! … Butt!!!

I must also

“Do Wah”

“Do Wah”

“Do Wah Diddy” fear!

For the Mighty Lion Sleeps

Restless & unsoundly

In my bedroom Jungle

This scary night!

So ……

“Do Wah!”

“Do Wah!”

“Do Wah Diddy!”


(In my torn, frayed, soiled underwear …… πŸ‘™)


Quothing … 🧐.πŸ₯Ί.😳… either β€’β€’β€’ The Ghost of Edgar Allen Poe β€’β€’β€’ Mighty Mickie Moe β€’β€’β€’ or β€’β€’β€’ ‘Tap Lap Dancing’ Fred Astaire?

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