My Nominations for the Gerber Blogger Award!

What’s It All About? Postee?

A new category intended to recognize those outlier bloggers that consistently and maybe unintentionally post the most childish, juvenilish, and occasionally overwhelmingly stylist and inspiring blog posts. Their recognition is surely overdo!

My Nominees Are:

Me of Course:

The Main Mainstream Media News Readers: http://WorldviewPolitics&Bullshit.Bias

To anyone who has the guts or ‘something else’ to pass it on to real ‘blood & guts’ bloggers.

My Questions to the Nominees Are:

1. Do you really have a good sense of humor like sometimes LOL?

2. How did your mother show her love and affection when you were a wee baby?

My dear mother liked to occasionally kick me you across the kitchen floor.

3. Are you now or have you ever been a Communist or “Senseless In Seattle?”

4. Have you ever been “stump jumping” or gone at least a day without Fox News or Donald Trump ‘stumping?

My Instructions to the Nominees Are:

1. Pass it forward with ‘love in your heart’ and ‘gas in your pants’ to from 0 to say 3+ bloggers.

2. Hire an impersonal body guard.

3. Wear a Wonder Bra or Wonder Briefs at all times: compliance and/or gender optional!

4. Smile,

What’s the use of crying

You’ll find that life is still worthwhile,

If you just smile!


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