“Ja! Es gibt etwas an diesem Baum, das mich fasziniert!”

Yes! There’s something about this tree that fascinates me!

What could it be?

A redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) in California: they can reach heights of 300 feet (91 meters)!

This tree is not the tallest tree; but definitely the smartest!


Note: Sequoia is the only word that contains all of the vowels.

A reblog from a deleted blog in another life!

16 Replies to “The Einstein Tree of Knowledge”

    1. Redwood is as green as it gets:

      Reduces Carbon Emissions:

      Something to consider is that wood removes carbon from the air and stores it in wood fibers, even after the wood is made into lumber. Redwood is very efficient at keeping carbon out of the air – up to a half ton of carbon can be stored in one Redwood deck.

      What’s more, by using sustainable forestry practices Redwood’s carbon storage can be maximized. Mature trees aren’t able to take in as much carbon as the faster growing younger ones. So when a mature tree is replaced by a sapling, the carbon emission reduction is improved.

      Redwood forestry has come a long way in recent years to ensure the health of the forest remains intact and that lumber is produced in the most responsible way possible. When it comes to deck building, Redwood is about as green as it gets.

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