The Doctor Is Way Out!

In my opinion:

The best doctor is the mind!

The best medicine is lifestyle!

And lifestyle is the first recommended treatment for high blood pressure. But how many doctors treat it that way?

So people go to their doctor being treated for high blood pressure with meds: as many as three or more. And the treatment just goes on until the patient eventually dies of a stroke or heart attack.

Case in point:

Once was taking three medications for high blood pressure but now down to one at half dosage. And my readings have never been better!


High blood pressure is a condition not an illness or disease. The first recommended treatment is lifestyle for sure! And here are 8 lifestyle changes you can make to lower your blood pressure and keep it down.

1 Lose extra pounds/watch your waistline …

2 Exercise regularly. …

3 Eat a healthy diet. …

4 Reduce sodium in your diet. …

5 Limit the amount of alcohol you drink. …

6 Quit smoking. …

7 Cut back on caffeine. …

8 Reduce your stress.


And as far as psychiatrists are concerned:

I’ve had major reactions to about twelve meds from muscle spasms to heart attack symptoms and eventually spending four days in a hospital in and out of consciousness and requiring dialysis. The cause being Lithium toxicity!

And I never took more than the prescribed amounts of any medication. I would always turn the bottles upside down after I took them!

I also have been taking Digoxin for over 40 years! And over the past several years, every time I got a blood test for my Digoxin level it was always too high. So the doctor offices would always call and tell to stop taking it for a couple days.

So, I eventually did some research and discovered that because of my age, sex, weight and Creatinine level, the dosage was too high. So I cut the dosage in half which the doctor did not like since I hadn’t completed 8 years of medical school.

I also cut all my doctors in half, except one. And my past two blood tests have indicated that my Digoxin level is as it should be!

In conclusion, all I need to say is:

Doctors! First Heal Thyself!

By Halbarbera

👉🏻👉🏽👉🏿 The Flippant Side of the Far Side!? ...... Only Tony Spitsarelli's Shadow Really Knows for Sure!


    1. As does my Shaman! No medical training needed. He just died for eight years and came back as a primary care provider!

      But isn’t it all pharmaceutical voodoo? The spell dosed out by all those full-figure Pharma reps. Who provide doctors not drug knowledge but carnal-Pharma knowledge!

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      1. The leading cause of death in America is not heart disease or cancer. It ‘s the American medical system itself.

        An estimated 700,000 people die each year from prescribed drugs. A case in point:

        Vioxx was recalled in 2004 after killing some 60,000 patients–as many people as died in the Vietnam War. The fundamental problems at the FDA led to those deaths. “People should turn to Congress and demand a drug safety system that is free from corporate influence–and a distinct center for drug safety.”


      2. I read that Clinton had put a cap on
        Federal Government money flowing
        to the Pharmaceutical Industry, and
        that George W, as his first priority
        when installed into the Oval Office,
        lifted it. As a thank you all their help.
        But then, being an Australian …
        I don’t have a dog in the race.
        We tend to view U. S. politics as
        a bit of entertainment. And the
        Presidential elections as a kind of
        beauty contest. Here we vote for a
        political party, rather than a person.
        Whether or not they’re a celebrity.
        Makes it simple when a leader steps
        out of line. We just take them out the
        back and shoot them, as the next in
        line seamlessly takes their place 👌

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      3. Yes! You vote worldview and politics! I vote for the person not the party! Both parties are beholden to special interests to varying degrees.

        The Clinton’s are very corrupt in my opinion. A lot of the money for Haiti relief went into the Clinton Foundation.

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      4. Not to mention Whitewater!
        So, I won’t mention it 😎
        It’s thanks to Hillary that Libya
        is even a bigger basket case. It was
        her big idea to go get Colonel Gaddafi.
        As if Iraq wasn’t a lesson in better
        the dictator you know.

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      5. A doctor that worked with Clinton concerning Haiti relief was scheduled to testify where a lot of the money when. But he committed ‘apparent” suicide with his children in the next room. When the police arrived they treated it as murder. But when the government police arrived, they said it’s apparent suicide!

        Sort of like Jeffrey Epstein committing apparent suicide even though on suicide watch! Another Clinton-related suicide?

        It’s seems people associated with Clinton are 10 times more likely to kill themselves!

        Just follow the bloody trail from Arkansas to the White House!


  1. I have a host of medical issues with the worst being migraines, fibromyalgia and neuropathy. Some of the meds I’ve been prescribed had horrible side effects and made me sicker. I had to leave a career as a children’s librarian that I loved and go on early retirement/disability. I’m now only on three meds and I’ve lost 25 lbs. I haven’t been magically cured, but except for the migraines I feel better.

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    1. Better health to you! There are acupressure exercises than can help with headaches and such. And acupressure is acupuncture using you fingers not pins. It works for me in many ways.

      Go to YouTube and search, Dr Alan Mandell

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      1. It’s free!!! You can do it anytime any where!
        All you need is your fingers and thumb.

        I was scheduled for an operation for a blocked left nostril (could only get a weak sniff from it.). I now use acupressure exercises 2 or 3 times for a minute or so. It is now as free as my right nostril.

        Same for sinus problems; waking up; getting ready for sleep whatever!

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  2. I’ve always had this dark thought about doctors. They’d give you something to heal you, yet not totally, so you’d keep asking for their help, hence, helping them make more money.

    Again, it’s a dark thought of mine. Not saying it’s real!
    I couldn’t get this out of my head ever since my father’s passing at the hospital while “under the care” of his doctor whose shadow I’ve never even seen once.

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    1. Right on!

      Doctor’s today mostly treat the symptoms and never seem to try to get to the cause.

      You see, there is little profit in cures! Yes. Our system is a mainly focused on drugs and procedures not cures!

      Doctor’s know little
      about the drugs they prescribe
      Even less
      about the patients
      they prescribe them too
      and next the nothing
      about the diseases
      they prescribe them for!

      Voltaire loosely quoted

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    2. I am an avid cyclist and a family doctor, a general surgeon. Anyways, a year ago my knees started to hurt after a 140+ kms of cycling. I rest, took some noninflammatory, but they work slowly and I was in pain. I took some x-rays of my knees and everything was okay. Nothing bad showed there so I figure it was tendinitis and myalgia (muscle pain). I decided to go to an orthopedic doctor for extra advice. I make an appointment with him without telling that I was a doctor myself, I just gave my name and last name. I took my x-rays to him and he “kind” of looked at them. Without asking me questions and without exploring my knees he tells me: You need.
      1. Surgery in both knees – knee replacement
      2. Surgery in your hip
      3. Surgery for scoliosis
      By then I was pissed. I started talking to him using medical terms and he asked me with his face red and in shock: are you a doctor?! I said yes, and a told him I regretted wasting my time going to him. Told him more things I don’t want to repeat here. They are not polite.
      I decided to treat myself. Now I am back to cycling. I am one hundred percent recovered. I don’t cycle that much anymore, I am 57 y/o. I enjoy my life fully with my knees without being butchered!
      Take care of yourselves.

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      1. Glad you’re doing well! Heard the same story from many over the years!

        My next door neighbor was tripped by a child in NYC. And had a lot of pain. She went to a knee surgeon who took x-rays and said she needed knee surgery. She suffered through the surgery but the pain got worst. She went again to the doctor who again looked at the x-rays and realized it was a hip injury. Did he apologize?

        She then had hip surgery and is now doing fine.

        You see! The doctor who made the error only did knees! So make sure if you go to a podiatrist that he doesn’t only do toes!

        Surgeons cut out the cause not just treat the symptoms!

        Question? To doctors in general:

        If a doctor has a patient who takes say 14 meds …

        Do any of them ever put the med list into a medical app …

        to determine the side effects and possible bad interactions with other drugs!

        The patient could be taking meds to treat side effects from other drugs.

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      1. Right! Scheduled for operation to correct blocked left nostril. Could hardly get a weak sniff if I tried! Used acupressure exercises for the nose and sinuses and my own exercise for stretching the nose. I can sniff as good as shooting through both nostrils!

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  3. I use a homemade saline nasal spray with baking soda, salt and water, as well as allergy nasal spray. They were going to operate on my dad because of sinusitis, started with the saline nasal spray…no problems until the day he died.

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  4. “The Doctor is Way Out” …. oh nooooooo! No. seriously, I agree with you. But some medical doctors will always be needed. The ones who use prevention, really care for the patients, treat the patient as a whole: body, mind and soul. Use allopathic and natural medicine. We need to be more compassionate and use prevention as a tool. Having more healthy patients makes my life happier. This kind of approach helps my patients, myself and even my family. “medical butchery” has to end.

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  5. Great post. Same goes for mental illnesses. Are you really doing what’s best for someone else if you haven’t lost your mind and healed yourself? Keep cranking ’em man

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    1. A doctor and surgeon replied and totally agreed with what I had said! But most doctor’s are not really doing it for someone else. They mostly just push drugs, prescribe procedures and refer you to a specialist based on the suspected organ involved.

      You shouldn’t treat just one organ but the whole person!

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  6. Holistic is best. There needs to be more holistic doctors and more doctors that choose to have the body heal itself first. And food is medicine but most doctors will never admit this. Great entry you wrote. Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas and peace

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    1. Right on! Yes! The best doctor is the mind (the placebo effect) and the best medicine is lifestyle with food topping the list!

      I asked a couple of my doctors if they learned anything about natural health like lifestyle and such in their 8 years in medical school!?

      They said, “Not really. You have to do that on your own!”

      You don’t make money if your patients improve and don’t need meds! Good health is bad for the bottom line!

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    1. Yes! Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle and only see your doctor every so once in the while!

      And if he immediately recommends a med

      Ask if there is something else I can do instead?

      And he’ll probably reply, “Did you complete 8 years of medical school?”

      You see, all he mostly knows is how to treat symptoms with meds, procedures and refer you to another doctor instead!

      The slogan of the American Medical Association is “First Do No Harm!”

      I did once contact the AMA and said, “Shouldn’t Your Motto be “First Do Some Good?”


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