The Rise and Fall of the Tallywacker!

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With the advancing years

I fear the fight

is finally over.

And I do see

the writings on that wall!

Superstar, I once were.

But now my picture has fainted!

Oh, the horror! Ooh, the sorrow!

It’s what

they do aptly call …

The Wondrous Rise…The Dreaded Fall!

Quoth the Raven, It Doesn’t Rise … Nevermore!


Sir Willie Wonka Bishop, The Royal Keeper of the Palm; Knobs Head Manor, England


You have to really “hand it to me” for writing this post!

12 Replies to “The Rise and Fall of the Tallywacker!”

      1. “Don’t laugh 🤭 I’ve been informed
        by my better half that Benny Hill is
        now politically incorrect! Next they’ll
        say Monty Python is blasphemous!”
        ~ Brian (Brian from Monty Python’s
        Life of Brian)

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