A Comment From The Peanut Gallery!

For a man who wishes to avoid the perpetual minefield, brevity with your remarks might be a good plan except with a Yes or No question. A man can always fall back on his selective hearing skills.

Exactly on the mark!

Well, in the future, I will ‘like’ posts without actually reading them like most seem to do …

and if I do reply?

I will mostly use emojis like thumbs up; fingers in different configurations; maybe a heart; or the odd random emoji here and there!’

Or just give up on the whole damn blogging experience all together!

And the WordPress throngs did surely cheer! Yes…Yes..Yes!!!



  1. Wow this grabbed my attention! Cool!!! 😎🙌

    Oh by the way, hope you like my rainbow colored hearts …. haha!!! Love ‘em! 😜🤪



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