The Evolution Solution?


The following does not necessarily represent the view(s) of this poster who maybe once was or in the future will be a monkey or a resident of California!

And let’s just put religion and science aside!

This is no more than my lame attempt at humor!


Let The Truth Finally Be Told!

If we indeed did evolve from monkeys then why are there still so many monkeys?

Are they still evolving?

Let’s say, maybe, into politicians!

Wait a minute!

Maybe it’s all true! And we are continually evolving and devolving back and forth between monkey and human forms and/or just migrating to California!


Hey!!! I’m offended by this whole post.

Maybe … having once been a historical monkey;

Maybe … having been, seen or heard that pop rock Hollywood-created band originally active between 1966 and 1971;

Maybe … as a former, active or possible future residence of the Golden State!

But mostly … because this is such a stupid post!!’

14 thoughts on “The Evolution Solution?

  1. Oh c’mon we all know that we come from aliens that are our future selves and we’ve decided to do this show all over again because some people! can’t get their lines right! Well shit, now we’re gonna have start from the beginning again, it wasn’t time to drop the veil, fuck this is hard. Hahaha. Good post

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