This post is an outgrowth or tumor inspired by a couple of my recent posts:

Watch Out! The Birds Have Pooped!

Some Bird Droppings From the Sky!

And yes by Jen-Prairie Sky – Wellness!

A gorilla, monkies and a squirrelly squirrel at the Venice Inn;

An eagle taking an ancient dump;

Walking barefoot through splatters on concrete; and

A monkey carrying a tray of Sunday treats with cherry-topped pigeon dessert!

Brunch Anyone!?

12 Replies to “A Sh*tty Sunday Brunch!”

  1. Haha…these posts are so sh*tty sorry to say!
    When I was a kid on the farm, the cows would be in their stalls in the barn eating, and they would sometimes cough when they were pooping. Think about that. Huge missiles of poop, often hitting oblivious passers by who happened to be walking behind them.
    Ahhh…life on the farm was rich.
    Love this 🙂

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