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And Butterflies Do Fly!

A blast from the past … refried … but hold the beans!


My wife, ‘Cute Judy Lee’‘ Barbera, dreaming of butterflies in Nova Scotia, Canada.


Sebastian Barrera, grandson, a Healing Touch … artist and Renaissance Boy


Deangelo Barrera, grandson, God’s Creation … entrepreneur extraordinaire!


Amy Barbera, Inspirational Singer and Songwriter, ”

Make Me a Butterfly,

Songs available on YouTube!

Also Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and beyond!


Julie Barbera, Author and Life Coach, Inspire Yourself To Action!

Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection

Available at a bookstore or online book site near you! on WordPress.


German Barrera and family, the Barbera-Barrera Clan.


And finally! Whose the Geek!


Only the “Shadow”’truly knows for sure!

50 thoughts on “And Butterflies Do Fly!

      1. People come up to me a lot about that. Even now!

        Approximately same age, background and ethnic breakdown.

        My DNA reveals ten different ethnic groups!

        Hard to get along with myself though!

        Too much bigotry, racism and intolerance! LOL!

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      2. Over seven decades of experience … knowledge be damned!

        You may not believe this!

        But learning to write with my non-dominant left hand has significantly changed the way I talk, think, write and even sing!


        Because it causes a synchronization of the brains. Yes! The logical left brain and the emotional, creative right brain!


      3. That’s a joke!

        I’m 10 different ethnic groups.

        Black, brown and white. Italian/Greek, Iberian Peninsula, North Africa, English/Irish, Western European, Germanic and God-Help-Me Jewish!


      4. Some day over that rainbow all people will be the same color. A mixture of all races and ethnic groups.

        In fact race is losing ground … all around!

        A black couple in, I think Kenya or Nigeria, had a baby girl with white skin, blond hair and blue eyes! And that’s more common than you would think!

        There was no hanky-lanky on the wife’s side!

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      5. Yeah I read about the sometime ago.
        I don’t believe in up above and almighty but I do think we’re all the same irrespective of race and skin colour.
        We got the same anatomy, what else do you want?😂😂

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      6. Only 5% of our DNA is coding DNA.

        The remaining 95% is called ‘junk’ DNA because they don’t know what it’s purpose is!

        Do you believe that Nature or God or God’s Almighty would create such a complicated DNA-program that is so inefficient!?

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      7. To me, atheism is a religion of sorts. There are even atheist churches modeled after religious churches.

        It’s the community thing!

        Albert Einstein was asked over and over whether he was an atheist. He did not like that.

        He considered himself to be a non-religious Agnostic. A quote:

        “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” This quote is often used to show both Einstein’s religiosity and his belief in the compatibility—indeed, the mutual interdependence—of science and religion.

        Better to be open-minded Agnostic than a lame die-hard Atheist!

        Just my lame-brained opinion!


      8. Like I say, it’s the community mind-set!

        And yes, what is the point in being an atheist anyway!

        I’m not a die-hard religious type at all.

        But to me and other famous philosophers, it is much better to believe in the possibility that it might be the Truth and die maybe without discovering the real Truth!

        Than to live your life in ‘spite of the Truth’ and then to die and go to Hell knowing you were wrong!



      9. Have you seen my post, Angels in the Shade!?

        That was a real, untouched photo from 1971 that was analyzed and found to be not noise or double-exposure. Transparent and 3-D images!

        There was something there. What, I can not say for sure!

        And that something has shown up in other pictures in my life!

        How can I therefore be a die-hard atheist?


  1. Who or what was the master DNA Programmer?

    The Creator of the Universe or Universe’s for that matter!

    The more scientists think they know, the less they actually know!

    We should all ‘look up’ and wonder!

    Albert Einstein always did. He believed in a Creator and his whole life he tried to understand the mind of this Creator!

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  2. Dad this is so AWESOME!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it so much!! I love what you wrote and all the pictures that you used and I am so touched that you shared my website and pictures from my CD release party and more and Julie’s site and pictures too!! You are the BEST!!! 🙂

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