The Journey Begins!

Excerpts from Julie Barbera’s book released on September 6, 2019:

Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection

Shatter An Illusion of Perfection

Many miss gems searching for pearls at the bottom of the sea.

Every dream unrealized is like a masterpiece never painted, a hit song never sung, a great book never written.

Every dream realized began with a step of faith, a single act of courage.


Julie Barbera

By Halbarbera

👉🏻👉🏽👉🏿 The Flippant Side of the Far Side!? ...... Only Tony Spitsarelli's Shadow Really Knows for Sure!


  1. Dad I really love this!!! This is awesome that you are posting all about Julie’s book and her quotes too! I love what you did with her picture quote too! So Pretty! 🙂

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