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Ploonet of the Apes!


What is a Ploonet?

Is this the work of that damn spellchecker again? You know! One words becomes three or the word becomes an entirely different unrelated word. You don’t mean lowercase. It’s uppercase you moron!

A Ploonet is a Moon that has been rejected by it’s planet or just become a snack or treat for a ravenous Star!

Some newly discovered planets may actually just be lonely Ploonets! Some Ploonets may have Moons themselves. It is just “The Cycle of Moons!”

The movie, Ploonet of the Apes, is in works as I post! NOT!


Are you kidding me!? What are you smokin’! You have finally entered the WordPress Outer Limits!

Making this up? I did a search and could find no such celestial object called a Ploonet! Anywhere!

Well! I saw it on YouTube, Bright Side, so it must be true! But for now they do exist for me. And surely only The Shadow really knows for sure!


Only the “Shadow”’truly knows for sure!

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