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Ghost Reflections Off the Mirrors of My Mind!

I believe that most people, self included, may be haunted by unsettling and unspoken ghosts of the past.

Things done or not done

decisions or choices made

paths avoided or blindly followed

and opportunities


consciously lost


‘so-we-hoped’ forgotten.

So, maybe we only really deal with these ghosts through one form of addiction or another

be it:





loud and boastful manners, or

by losing ourselves in our thoughts and distractions.


I believe that

we may only

see the world

in the distorted

Ghost Reflections off the mirrors in our mind!


Only the “Shadow”’truly knows for sure!

7 thoughts on “Ghost Reflections Off the Mirrors of My Mind!

  1. Ghosts of the past. Yes. They haunt me from time to time. Sometimes in my head, sometimes in my dreams. Some of them scary, some of them funny, while some of them, I fear might just jump at me and stay with me forever. I hope not.

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