Close Encounters of The Various Kind!

A few scary Close Encounters of the Various Kind!

But the scariest by far was the squirrelly, squirrely squirrel! With my Sicilian Grandmother a close second!

Hell! In comparison to my grandmother, the grey alien was kind of cute! Maybe she had some squirrel DNA!


  1. We have squirrelies… a whole scurry of squirrelies. I know squirrels are said to be solitary creatures, but not when it comes to feeding time. Three of them come to visit every morning and every evening. They chase each other around the tree, jump onto the roof and make a racket, and wait very impatiently for Grandpa (my husband) to bring out their breakfast or dinner, depending on the time of day. Needless to say, I smiled when I read about your squirrelly, squirrely squirrel encounter. Stay safe!

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    • 🐿 Squirrels get very angry when they return home after a long day of feeding to find that the hole that leads into the attic or roofline that they reside in has been blocked off. When squirrels can’t get back in their usual hole they do what comes natural – they make a new hole.

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  2. My husband has any number of Squirrel metaphors he uses; about himself and about other people that act nuts. Sometimes he pulls one right out of his A**, and I laugh laugh laugh because he’s clever like that…his inner squirrel runs on overtime at times. Conversations can get sketchy, but I hold out my own nuts (snatch them out of my own squirrel’s cage from his feeder; he jabbers indignantly when I do this), and so this nabs his attention. If he doesn’t nab it when I’m distracted (my squirrels cage is outrageously squeaky…and distracting) then he gets close enough to talk with about…, of course, all the different kinds of nuts there are. LOL

    Love the squirrel theme. Oh so appropriate and germane! Love it!

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