As a righty ……

What would really happen today

if everything I did

I did the left-handed way?

“Is that good?”

to my wife

I did ask.

“No, silly fool!!! How then would you wipe your ass!?”

How indeed!!?

Now, everything I’m writing

is true you see.

And it is time

for my morning

left-handed pee!

After which

I will continue

on my merry way:



even stinking



and yes

even talking

the left-handed way!

And finally …

by the by

by the bye


but… but… butt…

bye the way,

I already

mostly wipe

the left-handed way!




What would happen

if just for today,

I did do everything

the left-handed way?


I’d just write

a sorry-assed poem

like I did today!

9 Replies to “Just a Left-Handed Day!?”

    1. I have become truly ambidextrous over the past 5 years. I can write equally well with both hand. And in addition six different writing positions on each hand.

      Maybe 10% of people are ambidextrous but only 1% can write equally well with either hand!

      My art, poetry, etc is a consequence of synching my brain hemispheres.

      And I’m approaching 80!

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