Three Words Guaranteed To Change Your Life!

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Why spend most of your life trying to change the emotional baggage that is ruining your life. Spending thousands of dollars on toxic medications; and on doctor’s who can send their children to medical schools just based on you alone!

Reading books on How To; seven steps to this or the ten steps to that! Motivational tapes; special healthy milk shakes; weekends with gurus, charlatans and fakes.

You see! Your actions are only controlled by your conscious mind about 5% of the time. The remaining 95% of the time it is the subconscious that runs your life. And the subconscious does not cotton to all of the above.

The subconscious mind consists of programs (the habits) that constantly and even unknowingly keep you going and do the things your conscious mind can not do.


So what are the three words guaranteed to change your life!?

Just Do It!!!


What!!! Are you kidding me?

Actually, even this won’t work unless you can rewrite the subconscious programs that really run your life. And most of theses programs are written during the first 7 to 9 years of your life!


So in order to really change your life, you have to do some personal research of your own on how to rewrite these damn programs!


I wonder how many followers I’ll lose on this post!!?

25 Replies to “Three Words Guaranteed To Change Your Life!”

  1. I’ll agree with “Just Do It” to try and make something happen. However, there are circumstances in one’s biological programming that doesn’t respond to Just Do It, and one has to put oneself in the hands of doctors with “toxic” medicines. For people who have faced crippling circumstances and came out walking, and people who have looked death in the face more than once, but managed to live, understand that miracles happen, but not always “out of the blue”, by pure faith, shear magic or just doing it.

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    1. I have only had one doctor who recognized a problem that was due to my medications: not my kidneys. I had insufficient kidneys on several blood tests. And the doctor I went to immediately recognized that it may have been caused by the interaction of my statin drug and Tricor. He told me to stop Tricor and get a blood test and see him in two weeks. When I saw him again, my blood work was normal and I have not had problems since. He only knew the interaction based on his own experiences. Another doctor would have not recognized the negative interaction. But now they should because it’s now well documented.

      I have other such stories based on my experiences and those of my family members.

      Doctor’s treat high blood pressure with meds. However. It is not always an illness. It is a condition caused by lifestyle also. If you are 100 pounds over weight; are a cough potato; eat crap; drink sugary drinks; do not exercise; well you are going to probably have high blood pressure.

      My resting blood pressure was on average 155/90. And I was taking three meds for it. I changed my lifestyle: lost over 30 pounds; watched what I ate, drank, though and did. It is now averaging 125/77.

      At my last doctor’s visit, he looked at my blood work and asked, ‘How did you do this!’

      Biology is a significant factor but not the only factor. Doctor’s should not just treat the organ. No! They should treat the whole body and mind!

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      1. I was almost crippled from a very rare condition when I was 9 years old. I recovered after surgery and a lot of physical therapy. After that I raced motorcycles, I raced bicycles, I danced professionally, I lifted weights, I practiced karate and I did kick boxing. I was very strong and always in very good condition. Over the past ten years I’ve been through two cancers and had a stem cell transplant. I’m lucky to be alive. Biology isn’t always on your side.

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      2. My post was not about physical conditions and biology. It was about mental health issues that meds, treatments and such do not always succeed in curing.

        If your parents constantly told you that you were worthless, would never amount to anything during the first 7 to 9 years; then the subconscious would run that program that you are a loser.

        Meds, treatments, ‘how to’ books are recognized by the conscious but not the subconscious.

        My wife was hospitalized for anorexia in 1954 before they truly knew what it was. She had shock treatment, meds galore, and doctor’s for sure. Two of her doctor’s were stalkers and one committed suicide. She still has the same feelings that led to her anorexia based on what her mother said to her when her younger brother was born.

        My daughter, Amy Barbera, had similar problems when she was a teen. We took her to the same hospital my wife was treated. One of her doctor’s was still there.

        They wanted to commit her but I refused. We chose a healthy life style and nutrition as the path to take. Amy is a beautiful inspirational singer and has no eating disorder issues at all. Just the opposite!

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      3. If you read what I said in the post you should recognize that I did not allude to physical or biological issues. Crippling illnesses and diseases are a biological fact. Treatments are the major, if not the only, solutions in these cases.

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    1. The rise and fall of the sneaker giant!

      Nike declined in the mid-single digits with the Jordan brand, lost a third of their sales. Under Armour was down about half, but Adidas basketball has grown by more than 40%.

      By the way, the Adidas slogan is ‘Just Shoe It!’ LOL

      No! TiS ‘Impossible is Nothing!’

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  2. Too many people turn to meds when their thoughts are messed up, and the outcome can be terrible. Just look at the current transgender epidemic. And what’s so sad is that a lot of doctors and drug companies encourage it, knowing they’ll have life-long customers; and knowing also that if left alone, the vast majority of children will outgrow it…not all, but most.

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    1. The American medical system is a joke. The FFA, AMA, hospital and most doctors are controlled by Big Pharma.

      And psychiatrist are even more clueless in my opinion. The number one cause of death in America is not cancer or
      heart disease. No! It is the American medical system.

      An estimated 300,000 die every year from prescribed meds. Add to that death due to hospitals, botched surgery, misdiagnosis and the complete lack of regard for the wonders of a healthy lifestyle.

      You don’t make money healing or reversing illnesses! You only make money prescribing drugs, procedures and referring your patients to another doctor who specializes in one area or on one particular organ.

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