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The Hard Salami Facts!

Love my hard salami. Even though every slice I eat may shorten my lifespan by at least a day…….

But I do exaggerate a bit!

Is salami healthy?

Well, like most everything else, it can fit into a healthy diet if only an occasional indulgence.

Yes! Apart from the wonderful spicy taste, salami is a good source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Consuming 26 gram of salami offers 0.8 µg of Vitamin B-12, 296 mg of Sodium, 5.77 g of Total Fat, 53 mg of Phosphorus, 10.7 µg of Fluoride, 0.57 mg of Iron, 3.8 µg of Selenium, 3.28 g of Protein and 0.049 mg of Copper. Moreover many Amino acids 0.036 g of Tryptophan,0.148 g of Threonine, 0.169 g of Isoleucine, 0.287 g of Leucine, 0.3 g of Lysine, 0.091 g of Methionine are also found in 26 gram of salami.

Well then, if it shortens my lifespan at least I’ll be a lot healthier to the end!

And Yes! This is definitely no baloney!


Only the “Shadow”’truly knows for sure!

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