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Do You Want Your Eyebrows Trimmed!?

Ever notice that as men age their hair thins on top, but it grows like wildfire everywhere else!

Eyebrows to their hairline. Growing out their ears, nose and sticking up like trees on the top of their heads.

I say, “Do you want to look five to ten years younger? Get a pair of scissors and trim away, please!”

One time I looked in the mirror and there was a ‘proud as punch’ two inch hair sticking out of my right ear.

I guess because it didn’t want me to walk into a wall or have trouble squeezing through a door.

So! Trim away that hair, please!

When you get a hair cut, say at a hair cuttery, they will ask, “do you want you eyebrows trimmed?”

And I like to reply,

Yes, indeed! Trim my eyebrows. And also scratch my balls! Please!

Not! LOL!

For a cartoon highlighting my point, look at my previous post.


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