What’s it all about, postie?

Are you just a letter carrier


maybe a precocious kid

scribbling away on the skids?


Is it for the brief thrill that you live?

What is it all about, postie?

To find true-blue followers

bask in their comments?

To earn some fame

believe your funny

even make some money?

Or better yet

briefly savor wild honey?

Be admired

even remembered

in the annuals of blogging history,

hopefully not dismembered!?

Remembered as a postie

with the mostie?🥴


What is it really all about, postie, postie?

If not really to just live, love, learn and kid?

And lastly

to impart

leave a mark

in somebody’s heart

with a sprinkling of your own personal

foxie moxie?

And what is that loony cartoony all about!?

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