25 thoughts on “On the Flip Side of the Far Side!

      1. My cardiologist fired me because I said I don’t give aspirin to my wife based on recent medical studies!

        His reply, “Did you have eight years of medical school? Give her the aspirin or I’ll kill you!”

        My reply, “If I had completed medical school, I’d probably be a no-nothing A-hole like you!”

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      2. I may have said this before:

        Doctor’s no little about the drugs they prescribe, less about the patients they prescribe them to, and nothing about the illnesses they prescribe them for!


        I have many examples to support this quote. Near death being my best support!

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      3. I do believe he not does need all those meds. Some of his meds may be needed to counter the side effects of other drugs.

        Go to an application where you enter your drugs and it lists the side effects and negative interactions.

        I was diagnosed with insufficient kidney. Nothing to do with my kidney’s though. Just a negative reaction to taking a statin drug along with Tricor for triglycerides! I stopped the Tricor and there is no more insufficient kidney diagnosis anymore.


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