I am the American Medical System.

Yes, indeed I am!


If the money is there

I’ll fill you full of drugs

bill your insurance providers

give you the shock of your life!

If you dare protest to much

well, I may even

strap you to a chair!

How nice!


Our motto is

“First, Do No Harm”

you see!

Not, first, maybe, do some good!

Are you kidding me!


If the money is not there,

we may be obligated

to help, you see.

But only

as long

as legally

can be!

So we

give you prescriptions

and bid you ado!

Now look out for yourself

and good luck to you!


So if you fail to do

as I prescribed!

You may

wind up

on the street

where you barely survive!

You beg, steal or use sorrow

to get food, wine

to survive till tomorrow!

You sleep on benches


even warm vents!

The store keepers

call the police

who tell you

‘move off’ that vent.

You eat in soup kitchen’s

at the mercy

of the Goody Good few!

They even play songs!

How nice of them to do!


But eventually

you do something

and it’s back

to the medical hive!

Round and round it goes

until you get sicker

commit suicide


better yet



All because

they first do no harm.

No! No!

Really because

they first do little good!

What a charm!



There is no profit

in cures and solutions!

Only in




modern potions!


And yes,

don’t forget

those costly legal solutions.



stay alert

stay healthy



for your own safety

do take care.



Run For Your Life!

Again beware!!!


if Heaven help you

the money is not there!

18 Replies to “If the Money is Not There!”

    1. My wife fell, hit her head and was taken to emergency room. She was there for about 4 hours saw a couple of nurses and a doctor that mainly talked to one of the nurses. She also left for three tests and returned an hour later and was then released.

      Total cost…over 💲20,000.


      1. Same for my dad before he died. He spent about five days at the hospital. Doctor only checked on him twice- for a couple minutes. I never even saw him once, only my mom and the others who visited. Yet, we paid the a-hole a shitload of cash.

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    2. I accidentally deleted your last comment and do not know how or why.
      Should I see a doctor!?

      It was about taking Lithium for a month and being in and out of consciousness for four days and almost going to see my maker! Daffy Duck that is!

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  1. It is a harsh truth…
    Here, there are public hospitals, but they’re not entirely free. Besides, they have unclean equipment, and you can basically get another sickness just from waiting. Health insurance could get you so far; it’s still very very expensive. The real question: where do our taxes go?

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    1. I fear, maybe, the taxes go mainly to the bureaucrats, health company sewer rats, Big Pharma and the wealthy few!

      The leading cause of death in America is not necessarily cancer or heart disease. It may be the health care lsystem itself. Unsanitary hospital conditions; doctor misdiagnosis; unnecessary or botched operations; overprescribed and toxic drugs; an emphasis on treatments and procedures instead of finding cures; and much more.

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  2. Health care is a joke anymore…all a lot of the medical profession want to help is themselves. I’m lucky to have a doctor that doesn’t prescribe a pill or send you to the hospital unless it’s absolutely necessary. My biggest gripe is with insurance companies…you gotta have it, but they charge way too much and don’t want to cover much.

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    1. Doctors put drugs of which they know little into bodies of which they know less for diseases of which they know nothing at all.


      Doctor’s get their knowledge about drugs mostly from the full-figure female Pharma reps that frequent their offices on a regular basis. They are supposedly providing real knowledge about the drugs they push. But in reality it is just thoughts of ‘carnal knowledge!’

      I have the honor of having been ‘fired’ by two doctor’s during visits!

      Yes! “You are no longer my patient,” they said! I wonder why?


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