TheMysteriousBlogger Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination!

It is a great honor to be nominated for another Sunshine Blogger Award.  I was nominated for the award by The Go To Girls Blog. The blog is all about life, love, family and travel as experienced here and now.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is a peer appreciation award given to bloggers who are creative, positive, and inspiring, while spreading sunshine to the blogging community.

And again I would like to say thanks very much.


These are the rules to follow when you receive this nomination:

Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Answer the questions asked (this varies from 5-11).

Nominate bloggers for the award (this again varies).

Notify bloggers of your nomination.

List these rules and display The Sunshine Blogger Award Logo.


Below are The Go To Girls Blog questions and my answers. I hope you read and like my answers.

Question 1.  Do I dream at night?  If yes, what was my last dream?  

I dream every night but remember them only as blurry mirror images of people, places, and events past, present or never was.  However, I only really remember lucid dreams where I’m asking ‘Is this real or just a dream.’

Question 2.  Do I ever have nightmares?  What was the last nightmare I had? 

Nightmares and even a few night terrors since I was a wee lad.  Dark Man, Tall Man, Shadow Man lurking around my bed or on a rollercoaster ride to Hell being my dread.  But  less and less now cause I fight back or recognize them for what they are with God by my side.  My last nightmare?  Maybe two years ago when I woke up and there was a short grey figure with large, cold, black eyes less than a foot from me looking directly in my eyes.

Question 3.  Am I artistic?  If yes, in what way?

Yes, I like to think so, in as many ways as possible:  art, music, writing and other imaginative ways.

Question 4.  What sound could I listen to all day?  (Music, birds tweeting, children playing, waves crashing on a beach?)

Well, I could listen all day to soft, funky jazz music with birds tweeting at my window; children playing in the yard; and a Tsunami wave crashing at my door.

Question 5.  Do I prefer the beach or pool when on holiday?  

Definitely the beach.  Especially if there is a chance of experiencing a Tsunami.

Question 6.  Do I love what I did to make a living?  If not, what would I love to do?  

I did not especially love driving 150+ miles round trip; working 10-12 hour work days; 5-7 days a week for 25+ years!  Being retired with my family reading, writing, learning, creating art, playing jazz and blogging is what I love to do!

Question 7.  When I write do I use a pen and paper or a computer?  

Well, I keep a daily life log using pens, pencils, crayons alternating between using my left and right hands in all possible writing positions.  And yes, on occasion, I do draw with my right foot.

Question 8.  Do I take my own photos for my blog?  

Mostly yes.  But I do occasionally purchase or bastardize other photos and significantly modify or mortify them.

Question 9.  If I could do anything tomorrow, money being no object, what would I do and where?  

Tomorrow is now.  I would continue to do what I’m doing now: in this place, around my space and with a healthy, hopeful attitude of WOW!

Question 10. What do I want most from my life?  

To continue on my current life’s path in good health with God, family and friends here, there and around the bend.


My nominations for the Sunshine Blogger Awards are listed below. I only nominated three bloggers because of my admiration for Nikola Tesla who was obsessed with the number three and his beautiful white female pigeon.  And pigeons aside, these three are well worth following and obsessing about.

1. A Voice from Iran

2. Off Center & Not Even

3. Cheche Winnie


Here are my questions for you all.

Question 1. When someone does something special, positive, unexpected or life affirming for you do you sometimes “Pass It Forward” to someone else to make their day?

Question 2. Do you subscribe to the ‘at-least-a -couple-hugs-a-day-if-possible’ philosophy for close family and terrified friends?

Question 3. When you blog, what gives the most satisfaction?   (Can be emotional, spiritual, monetary, artistic, recognition, etc.)

Question 4.  Have you ever felt like chucking the whole blogging experience as a waste of effort and time?

Question 5. What do you feel or believe is the real goal or ultimate purpose of your life as hopefully carried along in your blog?


My thanks to one and all!

As you may know, my wife has this obsession that I have an imaginary girlfriend name Pam.  

And is constantly saying, “You just said Pam! Who is Pam?”

Well, you can only imagine how she reacted when I said I was nominated for this award by THE GO TO GIRLS BLOG!!!

Well, that’s another post that will be tagged, ‘humor; hell on earth; and otherwise!’

Thanks again if your read this far, but I seriously doubt it!

May God have mercy on my soul: as well as my blog!


14 Replies to “TheMysteriousBlogger Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination!”

  1. haha! believe it or not, i did reach the bottom of your post. and you may find this even more unbelievable…but i thoroughly enjoyed it. 😁 ah… the questions
    1. i try to be a life-affirming being no matter what anyone does for me
    2.i hug the world, the hesitant spring, the trees and all that exists
    3.sharing mystical experiences with others is most satisfying
    4. i just started blogging, so i’m not chucking it quite yet
    5. what was no 5 again?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thank you very much for the nomination. Your blogs always leave someone smiling and happy. About Pam, we are following closely for that post 😇

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I made it to the end…your answers were entertaining, to say the least.
    Looking forward to hearing more about Pam.
    And congrats on the award…being such a sunny person, you deserve it. 😎

    Liked by 2 people

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