Of Cave Drawings, Tesla and Pigeon Dung!

A blog repeat of sorts!

Senseless Sense?

Maybe, just nonsense …

A lot of three’s though.


Celibate Nikola Tesla and his beautiful female pigeon, who he loved dearly, would maybe have liked this post. It was pure electromagnetism from the start between Nikola and his adorable pigeon.

It was love at first coo or spark!

Please, tell me you didn’t write that lame line!?

As long as Nikola had her, there was purpose in his life.

He died, or was helped along way, shortly after the pigeon died!

Actually the pigeon was white. To much trouble to change the color. It’s just the thought that counts.


      1. I don’t think this is particularly a cruel world. It seems that way because powerful international cartels and political forces, led by trillionaires with special interest in oil, coal, banking, and profits from wars; make it appear so!


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