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The War of the Ants

Inspired by KT Workman…The War

Damn ants,

everywhere they be!

You can’t win

the total war

you see.


the total mass

of all humans

is way less

than the total mass

of all those

damn ants.

Oh, woe be me!


However, cleaning the area with White Distilled Vinegar seems to work for me.

It’s the smell you see!


Only the “Shadow”’truly knows for sure!

12 thoughts on “The War of the Ants

  1. In the garden? Yes. Inside? Never!!!!! I have tried everything I can think of to get rid of the pests, including threatening them, leaving bodies of their mates in the way. Nothing works. Except, they do not like the smell of peppermint oil. Not sure where you’re from, but here we also do battle with white ants aka termites – check this out for a laugh –

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    1. Maybe an ant trap would help. I put a trap on the bathroom sink and came back later and they were scurrying around the trap like wild ants on LSD.

      I got rid of them quickly; wiped the top with vinegar and as yet no ant has ventured back to the sink.

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