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Sometimes Overbearing! That’s Me!

Like my exclamation marks! You know, a word or sentence that expresses strong feelings or emotions!!!


How beautiful my ugly feet do be!


Well, exclamations aside, this post is about a new blogger award sorely wanting: an award nomination that aptly applies to me!

I’ve been nominated for various awards:

Versatile Blogger

Sunshine Blogger

Gerber (Baby) Blogger (my own just for me)

and most recently …

The Mystery Blogger Award!

But as yet, no hint of a nomination for

The Overbearing Blogger Award!

Now that sometimes is most definitely me!

My Proposed Award Description

A very unique award to a blogger in appreciation for consistently providing posts and post replies that are many times dominating, bossy, and overwhelming in power but really without any authority whatsoever! This award provides the recognition they truly need!

My wife described it best when she lovingly said to me:

You’re just a big braggart! That’s all!


The overbearing logo follows:


All About Everything - Nothing - What’s in Between! But Mostly Out-of-His Mind!

11 thoughts on “Sometimes Overbearing! That’s Me!

  1. That logo is so overwhelming and a bit edging on crazy…I love it! I’m surely going to spread this around but…aren’t there any rules? Directions? Or should I create my own…? Being creative is hard..pft 😂

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