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In That Beginning…💥

Just to get the blog-world juices churning:

Submitted for your approval, disapproval, and maybe a few remarks.


“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1, KJV.

For me, that is not a scientific “Big Bang Theory!” No! That is God-Honest-to-Truth fact!

Well, you’re just an uneducated, superstitiously foolish fool!

And I guess, so is Albert Einstein.

What about other more logical theories?

Now I’ll submit a few simplified theories for your consideration:


The Famous Big Bang Theory:

Proposed by Georges Lemaitre, a Belgium priest no less and backed up by a lot of ‘Rubble from the Hubble’ telescope. Yes, in an instant-trillion-trillionth of a second, out of nowhere (or Cleveland) the Universe with inexplibicable speed from its stone-sized origin expanded to astronomical scope that is ‘the Now!’ Creating our Universe and inspiring Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England.


The Steady-State Theory:

Well it-always-was-always-will-be … no beginning, no-end … and maybe no way?)

Whose to say, anyway!

How can you argue with that, really?


The Incredible Bulk Theory:

When the Universe was compacted to such an enormous size it resulted in an explosion that created our little universe. But who or what created the Incredible Bulk?

Cambridge scholarship at its best!


The Equation of Creation:

An equation and argument promoted by creationist David Cumming. He argues that GOD has presented proof of Himself in the form of a simple equation that uses the frequency of the hydrogen fine transition line, the speed of light when converted, and Ω, which he defines not only as every numeral used in base-10, but also the difference in “weight” of the Moon compared to the Earth.


Well, more an more scientists now believe that math rules in the Universe. So maybe the Creator is the ultimate math whiz!


The Who Cares Theory:

I have to many things in my life already to think about who created this &$@!?¥ world!


The Big Bubble, Big Burst, Big Bird Theory:

My own personal ‘bubblegum’ theory which needs no explanation whatsoever!

This is my post, by the way!


Well, then what is the correct answer, anyway?

Submitted for your consideration, Occam’s Razor:

Occam’s Razor is more commonly stated as ‘the simplest answer is most often correct,’ although this is an oversimplification. The ‘correct’ interpretation is that entities should not be multiplied needlessly.

We should avoid ‘stacking’ information to prove a theory or belief if a simpler explanation fits the observations. Occam’s Razor is the process of paring down information to make finding the truth easier.

Interesting concept… but … wasn’t Occam’s Razor proposed by a Franciscan friar and philosopher William of Ockham!?


Well, that’s it folks!!!


Yes! Creation itself may be the ‘ultimate Twilight Zone!’

That is for those of ‘Little or No Faith!’


Only the “Shadow”’truly knows for sure!

7 thoughts on “In That Beginning…💥

  1. As someone who lives in a religious country and went to Catholic schools, I’ve always wondered if my Science teachers did believe in what they were teaching or still prefer the divine creation.
    Never had the heart to ask.

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