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Our Color-Coordinated Military

America Is Under Attack!!!

These are excerpts from our fearless leaders in the War Room.  The main players include the President; and Secretaries of State, Defense and HHS!

SOD:  “Should our troops wear Army combat green, neutral Army green, or no green at all?”

SOS: “That’s making too strong a statement, don’t you think?”

SOD:  “You’re right!  What about Bermuda shorts, flowered shirts, and combat boots?”

HHS: “Nix the boots.  Sneakers would be less offensive.”

SOD:  “What about the weapons?”

SOS:  “Weapons?”

SOD:  “Yes!  Heavy weapons with high fire power or less noisy hand-held guns and rifles?”

SOS: “Small arms only.”

HHS:  “Yes, small is definitely good.” 

SOD:  “Grenades?” 

SOS/HHS:  “Grenades!?”

SOS:  “Can they be muted?”

*** “ALRIGHT!” ***

The President suddenly interrupts to make the final decision:

“Our image is at stake here! 

We have to show strength through love and understanding, as not to upset them to much …

Neutral leasure-wear; white sneakers/flags; and light pastels dominated by sunny yellow. 

That would definitely make a statement!”

“And weapons?”

“Hand-to-hand combat only.  But, not too aggressive as to offend.”

SOD/SOS/HHS:  “Brilliant!!”


Dedicated to the real hero’s of our military represented by my Father-in-Law, Frank Knapp, Jr.


All About Everything - Nothing - What’s in Between! But Mostly Out-of-His Mind!

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