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Only a Disposable Coffee Cup💦

They say,

I am not microwaveable.

I am a coffee cup!

They warn,

I am hot and spill-able.

I am a coffee cup!

My contents wake you up

feed your addiction.

I am a coffee cup!

When you’ve

had your fill of me,

you toss me like trash!

I am now a useless coffee cup!

I am now a very sad coffee cup!

Soon, I will no longer be a coffee cup!


Only the “Shadow”’truly knows for sure!

18 thoughts on “Only a Disposable Coffee Cup💦

  1. Could have written a few lines more like –
    How rudely it is picked up with other wastes.

    Something sort of autobiography .

    Good one.

    In this competitive world, how many cares about a disposable coffee cup.

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      1. Ah, but the coffee cup is not so lifeless! Life is but a transfer of energy and matter through time and space! Our plastic, from petroleum, was once our microbial ancestors. Ceramic from clay, dust and mud, shell and bone…..And we all know paper comes from trees! Or hemp!

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