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Hal’s Believe it! Or Not!

Some Moon trips are partly one-way!

I developed and managed projects of from 6 to 50+ computer types with varying degrees: mostly in computer science. We developed computer software for the U.S. Department of State for various Bureaus, Offices and the Overseas Embassies.

I had a programmer who had a Doctorate in Computer Science who I had to move off the project because he could not write a simple computer report program. A program that could be written and tested in less than eight hours!

My boss could not believe it!

I could not believe it!

Think deeply about this!

He had completed Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate’s programs in a major university. And yet he could not write a simple computer program!?

But my boss called me a week later and said, ‘You’re right! He can not complete anything!’



Maybe there is a valid explanation!

You see he was into Transcendental Meditation!

He once told me he had been to the Moon.

To which I unwisely replied,

Next time bring me back a Moon rock, please!


I truly believe he had been to the Moon though his mind. But on the return home he left something significant behind!


All About Everything - Nothing - What’s in Between! But Mostly Out-of-His Mind!

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