Harry β€˜S for Nothing…?’ Really?

My favorite President is Harry Truman …. the 33rd President If the United States From 1945 to 1953,


To start, he didn’t have a middle name. You can’t be president without a middle name or initial!

You have FDR, JFK, WJC, BHO, DJT and so it goes! ‘HS’ just doesn’t ‘cut the political mustard.’

So they gave him a middle initial, ‘S.’

Yes! HST it is!

So he was then to suffer the heckles from his distractors,

He’s Harry ‘S for Nothing’ Truman!

‘S for Nothing!?’ Really?

Well! He implemented the Marshal Plan to rebuild the economy of Western Europe, and established The Truman Doctrine and NATO. In 1948, he submitted the first civil rights legislation and issued Executive Orders to start racial integration in the military and federal agencies.

He had been a Vice President, U.S. Senator from Missouri, Presiding Judge of Jackson County, Missouri and so on.

He served in the active military from 1905-1911 and rose from Corporal to Captain and finally Colonel in the National Guard (reserve).

But that’s not the real Harry S. Truman that I admire!

Maybe, it’s partly because he served in Field Artillery Divisions in World War I! At the Battles of St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne, the Defensive Sector, and was a true hero!

But that’s not the real Harry S. Truman that I truly admire!

Maybe, it’s because he was not a political hack: ‘yes man’ bounded by a political worldview and politics!

He would go against the will of his political bosses to do the right thing!

Maybe, it’s because he was a relentless foe of bigotry. And he defied the infamous KKK and marched into a Klan hall to confront their treats and defend a Jewish friend and more!

Maybe, it’s because of his 1948 Whistle Stop Tour on the train he called “Magellan.” His party didn’t support his bid for re-election. So he went directly to the people. He gave personal speeches in towns and cities around the U.S.

Damn the party! It’s the people I want to serve and please!

And he was re-elected, even though newspapers had already drafted their victory celebration for Thomas E. Dewey.

The infamous issue of the Chicago Daily Tribune: Dewey Defeats Truman!

Maybe, it’s because he stood up and publically defended critics of his daughter, Margaret’s, singing performance.

Maybe, it’s partly because he was nobodies puppet: nobodies fool!

Maybe, it’s because he stood for something!

Maybe, it’s because he didn’t retire with riches gained from currying the favor of politicians, the wealthy and the special interests!

Maybe, it’s because he returned to his hometown, Independence, Missouri: to continue his daily walks; to greet and meet the people; to be among friends!

Maybe, it’s because, to him, it was all about God, country, family and friends!

And doing the ‘Right Thing!’

Well!? It’s not because of one particular thing, you see!

No! It’s because of ‘All of the Above!’

A Definite No!

It’s not Harry ‘S for Nothing’ Truman!


It’s Harry ‘Give em’ Hell! Truman.


It’s Harry ‘ I Bow to No Political View’ Truman



Harry ‘S Who Stood for Something’ Truman!


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