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Through a Poem … Backwards!

They’re …

they’re self-absorbed talkers
they’re not stalkers
they’re human-omies
they’re not zombies!
I say piss-em (cause)
they don’t listen!
You don’t miss ‘hem!

You can’t kiss ‘hem!

In their ‘world of bliss’

like you don’t (even) exist!


just walk by


they’re not shy!


downright insidious



like nobody’s there!



that’s bizarre!

In cars

in elevators

on escalators

against walls

in halls!


even between sheets

on the streets

out there

they are!

The Hand-Machine Walkers!

© NoCopyright,  Barbera, Hal, All Rights Preserved.


All About Everything - Nothing - What’s in Between! But Mostly Out-of-His Mind!

13 thoughts on “Through a Poem … Backwards!

  1. Dad this is AWESOME and so True!! We sure do live in a cell phone/computer age when know one is aware of what is around them! I love your special poem and I love the picture of Sebastian with the cell phone too! 🙂

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