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Shades of Cat Litter or Doggy Do-Do!

I have a theory that dogs are originally from Mars and cats from Venus!

Dogs are cute and cuddly as pups and become slobbering, tail-wagging fools as adults. And we all know how much men love slobbering, wagging, foolish tails.

Cats, however, start out as cute, fluffy balls of joy (another play on words.). But as adults they are self-centered, I don’t give a damn, ‘kiss me babe’ egomaniacs.  They really could care less!

So a dog is the ideal companion for a man; and cats, maybe sadly, often the ideal love for a woman. 

You see, I feel that woman pick men like they pick their cats.  It’s Fifty Shades of Cat Litter!

For men, it’s may be more basic and mostly instinctual: Five Shades of Doggy Dodo!

This is all becoming too confusing for me as a sexist old fool. 

What I really need is a ferret!


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