Die Happy With All Your Poems Said!


Die happy

with your boots on

and all of your poems said.

As the Lone Ranger

of Western fame

often said to Tonto.

Who then the stole his boots

and chopped off his head!

Enough said

about the dead

what was said

and The Lone Ranger’s lifeless head!


As for his horse, Silver or was it Scout? Well, Tonto just stuffed his head

after he knew

he too

was quite dead!


Is this a poem, Tonto?

Or am I slowly losing my head?


This cartoon

is not

a likeness of the horse

in any way.

It is a jackass!

Much like the poet

who poorly penned

this pathetic, pitiful poem …

as a platitude

aimed at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

Hey! That’s me!


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