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Angels in the Shade!

Real picture … circa 1971.

Holy Pareidolia or What!?


Double exposure?

Double trouble?

Angels singing Hallelujah Chorus as I like to say!?

An ancient face in the upper left corner! (Pareidolia most likely!)

A menacing dark figure behind my back, ears and all! And a Demon mask beside!?

A distinct woman’s white face over the right-most angel? And the blur underneath which has only recently appeared!

Now that’s really weird! Or is it!?

And a little bit of noise? Including a spear thrust at my back!?

Analyzed, not digitized!

It’s there!

Some transparent!

All 3d.

The more I look: the more I see!

Are you kidding me!?

Welcome to my Twilight Zone!

Blown up from this picture.

The Battle for My Eternal Soul?

Why this photo?

Why others photos over the years?


All About Everything - Nothing - What’s in Between! But Mostly Out-of-His Mind!

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