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Try a Little Tender Rest!

I sometimes
Do get weary
Down in the dumps weary
Trying so hard to impress
But when I get so weary
All I need is a little
Much needed tender rest
Yeah yeah…


Otis Redding may be rolling over in his grave.

But I do hope not!

He died December 10, 1967 and most likely went to Soul Train Heaven!

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Ghost Reflections Off the Mirrors in Our Mind!

I believe that most people, self included, may be haunted by unsettling and unspoken ghosts of the past.

Things done or not done

decisions or choices made

paths avoided or blindly followed

and opportunities


consciously lost


‘so-we-hoped’ forgotten.

So, maybe we only really deal with these ghosts through one form of addiction or another

be it:





loud and boastful manners, or

by losing ourselves in our thoughts and distractions.


I believe that

we may only

see the world

in the distorted

Ghost Reflections off the mirrors in our mind!

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Sure-Fire Borsch Belt Divorce Court Humor!!!

Nothing that follows, does, in any way, apply to my wife to whom I have been happily married for almost 48 years!



Now, take my wife…

Please!!! 🤗🤗🤗

Henny Youngman …🎻🎻🎻


Really dear! Do you still love me as much as when you first met me?

I have very little recollection of ever having met you! 😏🤔🤭


Again dear … do you truly love me?

Is the Pope Jewish?


Honey, is my rear end to big?

Is that a statement or a question?


When my wife lays around the house, she literally lays around the house!


Did you just whisper Pam again!? And who is Pam anyway?

Yes! Your rear end is monumental and should be deemed a National Treasure or at the very least be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records!


Dedicated to all the divorce lawyers out there and everywhere!


In recognition…

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Refried Doodles Cuisine!

For a truly unbalanced, healthy diet!

Refried Doodles (Spanish: doodles reintentados) is a fare of scribbles and random sketches and is a traditional staple of North American and Yankees-Go-Home cuisine, although each region’s cuisine has a different approach when preparing this hash.

  • Refried doodles are only really fried once. The reason for this misconception is an error in translation from it’s Pig Latin origins and 1960s Looney Toons insane roots. The originals are doodles reintentados which actually means “half baked doodles”– not re-fried.
  • After being finger boiled and then hand mashed into a paste the doodles are sometimes then fried or baked, though usually neither, thus making the term “refried” even more misleading.
  • In Northern America and in traditional American Tex-Mex Tyrannosaurus-Rex cuisine, refried doodles are usually prepared with pinto bullshit, but many other varieties of bullshit are used in other parts of the friggin’ world, such as black or hip-hop doodles.
  • Digesting refried doodles in place of wholesome drawings two or three times a week can actually increase the amount of saturated fat in your head (and may I also include ass) and cholesterol in your pathetic creative and imaginative diet.
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The Overly, Squirrelly, Squirrely Squirrel!

For some unknown reason there is this angry squirrel that haunts this one area near my apartment complex. This squirrel has it in for me and has even followed me up the building stairs to my apartment door.

One day he confronted me and held his ground less than 10 feet from me with his back up and a snarling, toothy growling look. It was like he was squirreling,

Come on! You old punk coot! Make my day!

Maybe he’s mad because I like to use an emoji squirrel in some posts with the remarks that he’s admiring or playing with his nuts!


Could the squirrel, maybe, be Rabid!!!

Can’t tell!

Seems to have no apparent political party affiliation.

But he must ultra-extreme something or another!